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Transforming and giving value to your customers in digital environments

We are a Customer Experience specialist focused on the resolution and generation of value for our clients and users. We have more than 12 years experience providing this type of services to multinational companies in Latin America and Europe. We have transformed the traditional business of a Call Center into a Contact Center and now, into a Community Center, this definition was created by taking into account the Omni-channel strategy used by many of our clients which is now integrated under Digital Marketing environments, this means increased sales volume, causing the traditional channel to become income and not an expense, generating user loyalty in increasingly competitive environments in every market we are present in. We have the technology that integrates this type of service, as well as structured and standardized processes to measure each of the interactions with users, where people and management are the keys to success.

Digital Strategy & Execution

We are committed to creating a master plan for your digital activities created by People! We move from theory to execution in order to increase your company’s sales volume and to offer a real customer experience.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

We have analytical solutions for getting to know the complete client lifecycle. We have tools that allow extracting, analyzing, mediating and tracing each of your clients in every conversional interaction taking place on any digital channel or contact center.

Quality & Training

We have a strategy based on processes that are focused on Quality Management Systems and continuous improvement. We align ourselves with the quality standards & ISO Training, COPC, UNE.

Information Security

Our customers’ data protection and information security is our main responsibility, internal and external security policies, user management, periodic audits and compliance with the data protection legislation of each country, are an important comparative advantage in our business.

Technological solutions

We have technological infrastructures that are adapted to adequately interact with your clients. Sites with more than 700 work positions, virtual tools: Chatbot, Cilck to call, IVR, IVRbot, e-mail, SMS, telephone exchange, IN-OUTBOUND.

Home Office & Virtual Agent

We are pioneers and we transform the industry. We have tools that allow work at home (Teleworking) protected by secure and technological environments, hosted in the cloud, that offer greater flexibility for our more than 600 workers, in conditions that improve the quality of life and create greater loyalty to our customers.

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Customer Experience

Some History

Peoplebpo Group was incorporated in Lima, Peru in 2011, at that time we entered the Peruvian market offering services for the Contact Center industry, the experience and knowledge of the market in several countries in the region allowed us to set up the company in Colombia in the year 2012, giving with this an international vision in two of the countries with more growth in South America. Colombia has allowed us to develop projects with technology partners from Spain for companies in the telecommunications sector initially focused on the technology sector.

In 2018 the company receives the support of a group of investors that allows us to integrate and continue to develop internationally, adding a list of services to include Digital Marketing activities and that together with other partners in Colombia consolidates the concept of create communities that could benefit from them: Community Centers. We felt we could offer a more robust portfolio of services by transforming the industry, innovating, incorporating into the building of the communities, techniques and frameworks that extend horizontally along with Marketing tactics. This portfolio includes the attention of users in the full life cycle of the same with techniques such as design thinking, neuro marketing, endomarketing, agile methodologies, service design and other disciplines, with a single purpose and is to improve the Customer Experience after each interaction through any of its channels in a rational, physical, emotional and psychological manner. All this has allowed us to become an organization with more than 650 Community Agents, including designers, engineers, team leaders, business managers, support teams across different countries, generating value for both companies and their communities and allowing a synergy between both that translates in the end in better experiences and higher incomes. In the process we have compiled a few working principles that we still value today:

  • Trust is our greatest asset
  • People are the engine for achieving results
  • There are no excuses for not achieving your goals, innovation is our flag.
  • We are a single multicultural international team, we share the same values.
  • Transcend with our service.

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Be part of our team, and let’s continue transforming the Digital industry. We share values ​​in different cultures, countries and regions. We are constantly looking for people like you for different professional positions. You want a better quality of life, you are passionate about the digital world, social networks, text, marketing, artificial intelligence, analytics, robotics and you also like to relate to people. Be one of our Community Agents. We are constantly looking for people in Colombia, Peru and Chile regardless of their geographical location.

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